Zen Sculptural Garden Workshop


 Zen Gardens are “miniature landscapes” made up of natural elements arranged in a way to reflect the natural world.  They are often found in offices and homes to help represent a place of peace and order. To create our workshop we have incorporated the key elements of sand, gravel, stones and wood and designed a multi dimensional workshop split into two (2) parts.

The first part of the workshop will focus on creating a Sculptural Garden in a traditional Bonsai Pot with Gold Vine Timber, Tillandsia and a Succulent. Following on from creating the Sculptural part of our workshop we will placing our planted Bonsai Pot onto a specially chosen dish which is then surrounded by pebble, gravel and sand.

You will leave our workshop with your own Zen Garden including a collection of Zen Rakes to enjoy at home or your workplace. All plants and related materials are provided.

Light refreshments and beverages from local businesses will also be provided.

All images are indicative of work by MJC Botanical and some materials in the images may not be provided at the time of workshops due to availability but will be replaced with a suitable alternative.

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Please note that pictures are indicative of the finished product only. Plant material is seasonal and subject to availability from suppliers. Where a plant product is unavailable it will be substituted with an appropriate alternative to the same value.