Habitat Care Sheets

Caring for your Habitat
Placement of your Habitat – Your Habitat will thrive and be happy in a well lit room away from direct sunlight.

Feeding your Livestock  – Choose the appropriate food for your Livestock. Feed once daily only giving your animals as much as they can eat within a 5 minute period and then removing the balance to avoid excess waste in your Water. 

Keeping your plants healthy – Remove any sick plants carefully immediately. Also, remove wilting parts of the plant, such as old leaves to avoid them fouling the water.
Water Changes – All fish, shrimp and snails require regular water changes. These water changes should be done every 2 weeks.

  • if possible try to have a bucket that you use only for your Habitat so that you don’t inadvertently put nasty chemicals in the water. A plastic bucket is best for this purpose.
  • You will need a water conditioner such as Prime  to remove toxic chemicals such as ammonia, nitrates or nitrites.
  • If you have shrimp in your Habitat it is a good idea to age your water by letting it stand in the bucket for 24 following adding the Prime to allow the water chemistry to stabilise and the water temperature to be similar to the temperature in your Habitat to not shock your livestock.

You will need to remove 1/4 to 1/3 of your existing water and replace it with tap water mixed with Declorinator either Prime or API Tap Water Conditioner.

Every 2nd water change (every 4 weeks) you should also clean your gravel. The easiest way to do this is with a Water Siphon that can be purchased at Mappins or a Pet Store.