Jewel in the Crown Care Sheets

Caring for your Jewel in the Crown:


Place your Piece of Living Art in an area that receives bright natural indirect light. Ensure that no direct sun hits the Glass Dome. 

If placing on a piece of furniture it may be an idea to place a spacer under the saucer so as not to mark your furniture from the moisture. This can be done using a felt furniture pads or a round plastic clamp used for garden irrigation. 


Simply fill the saucer with water to allow it to draw water in when required. Keep an eye on the humidity in the inside of the glass and water in the dome. When there is no humidity and no water being pushed out from the Dome refill the saucer as necessary to ensure your rock or timber stay hydrated. 

Frequency of watering is dependant on time of year and living conditions eg. air conditioning or heating. 


Maintain and trim any plants that are touching the sides of the glass.

If your Jewel Orchid is flowering ensure to remove the spent flower spike when it has finished.

Remove any dead leaves, plants or moss that’s not taken.

If there is mould on your rock use a paintbrush to gently brush it off.


Mould is a frequent phenomenon and a reality in terrariums due to warm moist conditions. Thankfully it’s more of a nuisance than a problem. Sadly mould is one of those things that’s hard to eliminate completely because it reproduces via microscopic spores. Mould can enter your terrarium via soil, plants and mosses, hardscape branches, rocks and the air.

Treatment of mould –

  1. Mould thrives on moisture. Opening your closed terrarium for brief periods to allow air flow will help to reduce the humidity levels.
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – Dip a Q Tip into 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and dab directly onto affected areas
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – we use a weakened solution of 7.5ml 3% Hydrogen Peroxide & 250ml water in a spray bottle and spray directly onto affected areas.