The top 5 reasons to come a Botanical Workshop

Posted 9th November, 2020 in Workshops

There has been much research into the health benefits of both gardening and creativity over the last few years on both physical and mental health. Our creative Botanical workshops benefits can include:

1. Reduction of stress and anxiety

Research has shown that Being able to “switch off” to the world by being involved in a creative project for a period of time can help to reduce anxiety and stress to promote a feeling of relaxation. Combine using your hands to create your own unique piece by engaging your mind to creatively problem solve the “how to” all while being surrounded by a lush inspiring location can allow you to switch off your mind to the daily stressors that surround your everyday life. 

2. Improving wellbeing through social interaction

One of the hardest things when dealing with Anxiety, Stress and Depression is a feeling of being lost or isolated. Through our workshops we provide the opportunity for people to interact socially in a non threatening way to help improve their sense of acceptance and Well Being. This connection can also invoke a sense of pride and achievement upon completion of the your Botanical activity to share with others.

3. Boosting Self Esteem through a sense of achievement

As mentioned above the feeling of Achievement is a great booster of Self Esteem and is another integral part of improving one’s self esteem. What better way to remember your achievement than by having a beautiful Living Botanical piece such as a Botanical Sculpture, Kokedama or Terrarium to take home to share with family and friends, nurture and maintain.

4. Encouraging Mindfulness while you engage in a new activity

There has been much talk about mindfulness over the last few years. For those who aren’t sure exactly what it is ….Mindfulness is the ability to be completely present in the moment. It means that we take the time to be fully engaged in the activity that we are participating in and forget about whatever else is happening around us. Mindfulness is calming and meditative and can have many benefits ranging from decreased levels of stress and anxiety to increased levels of happiness and focus. Our unique workshops allow our participants to learn to engage with plant material in a completely different way than they would have traditionally fostering the necessity to be focussed on the task at hand.

5. Exposure to nature

Our workshops are designed to encourage participants to become involved in the creation of their very own Botanical piece in an inspiring green space to take home and enjoy. Research as reported in by Associate Professor Navjot Bhullar MAPS and Dr Tristan Snell MAPS  has shown that access to green spaces, nature-based wellbeing interventions, or a walk in a nature all led to increments in positive affect and better mental health including reductions in stress levels, reductions in levels of stress  and increases in happiness.

What more can I say other than I look forward to seeing you in one of my workshops. Happy creative gardening.

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