Terrarium Kit





Included are all of the requirements to make a small Terrarium.

  • Drainage Gravel
  • Charcoal
  • Sphagnum Moss
  • Terrarium Soil
  • Step by Step Instructions


  • Small Glass Jar
  • 1-3 Terrarium plants either small tropical plants or baby ferns
  • Spray Bottle of Water
  • Tools for planting eg spoon, paint brush and a small dowel
  • Moss (optional)
  • Decorative Gravel (optional)


  • Place Terrarium in a well lit room away from direct sunlight.
  • Remove any weeds or sick plants carefully immediately. Also, remove wilting parts of the plant, such as old leaves or flowers.
  • Your closed terrarium should not require much watering. Over watering will cause the plants to rot and die. If you are unsure if your closed terrarium has enough water wait a day a check to see if there is any condensation on the inside walls. If so the water level is appropriate. If the walls are completely fogged up you will need to leave the lid off for a day and let some fresh air in and to allow some water to evaporate.

Please note all orders are required to be placed by Sunday night for shipping the following week so that we can assure your plant material arrives to you in the best condition and isn’t left sitting in a freight depot over the weekend.

Additional information


Kit Only, + Small Glass Jar + small moss + 2 plants and 3 pebbles, + Large Glass Jar + large moss + 3 plants + Large Feature Stone and 3 pebbles