Horticultural Design Service

Plants and Nature have become an increasingly important aspect of our lives. By surrounding ourselves with plants we help to improve both our physical and mental well-being. 

Looking after our mental health has become increasingly important during the lock down periods people have experienced during COVID-19. There has been an explosion of people wanting plants in their home office, plants in their gardens, living rooms and on their balconies as well as those wanting to create their own kitchen garden.

Horticultural Therapy is a way in which plants and gardening activities can be used to improve body, mind and spirit for people of all ages. I have been focused in this area for a long period of time and have been passionate about cultivating well-being within my creative workshops. I have expanded this into offering a design service available in both commercial and residential settings to help people incorporate plants into their space to reconnect with nature to enjoy, relax and re-energise.

I would love the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you whether it is a commercial project wanting to inject some life into their office space or residential projects to help you greenify and chose the correct plants for your home.

To get started you need to 

  • Contact us via email, text or phone to arrange a site visit 
  • During this visit we will listen to your ideas and what you are wanting to achieve in the space as well as assess the lighting and any other environmental factors that would affect plant choice.
  • Following this visit we will send you a summary of the meeting confirming what we have discussed as well as our plant recommendations. 
  • If you want to proceed from here we can source plant material for you, provide alternatives if required as well as provide costs and an estimate on delivery.
  • Following delivery we will also ensure that you are well informed as to the best way to care for your plants and keep them in their optimal condition.
  • If required we can organize delivery and installation for you at an added cost